5 Facts About Lower Back Pain

We often ignore signs that our body needs rest, rehabilitation or medical care. One often neglected part of the body is our lower back, which can take time and effort to take care of, if it is injured. The best way to avoid injuring your back and experiencing serious back pain is, of course, to listen to the signs your body gives you. Pay attention to the pain you feel, and be aware of how you are taking care of it. Here are five facts that will help you understand back pain better.

Lower Back Pain is Incredibly Common

Over thirty million Americans are dealing with lower back pain. It is also estimated that around fifty percent of the working class experience low back pain, as well. Some types of lower back pain or accompanying stressors include:

The Number One of Cause of Disability is Lower Back Pain

Because the back is the system of muscles and bones that carries you around, any injury of it is critical to address, as letting a lower back injury that goes on long enough is likely to cause a permanent disability. While many injuries do come from lifting poorly, etc, the number one cause is degenerative disk disease, which applies to all ages.

The Majority of Lower Back Pain is from Outside Sources

Most lower back pain is caused by injuries and accidents through working or through participating in sports. The injuries can be so severe that even slight movements cause lower back pain. Another common such cause of lower back pain is poor posture.

Lower Back Pain Responds to Exercise

While not a cure, certain exercises can actually reduce pain – you just have to make sure you’re doing the right exercise for the pain and/or injury. Some exercises that can help with lower back pain include:

Lower Back Pain is Expensive

People in the United States spend an estimated fifty BILLION dollars a year on treating lower back pain. This means that treatment itself, surgeries, consultations and medications total $50 billion per year. The better shape you keep your back in, the healthier you’ll be, and you’ll avoid the hit to your wallet.


Some injuries will go away with time and rest, but if you have lower back pain that continues to plague you or is otherwise concerning, you should be sure to consult with a physician. Not only can they do a full examination to help determine the source of the lower back pain and help you come up with a solution or treatment, but they can also advise you how to avoid this pain in the future, and perhaps even prescribe preventative belts, etc, especially if you do a lot of lifting.

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