Five Products to Help with Migraine Pain

Migraines affect 39 million Americans, and the traditional treatment options for such intense headaches are limited. Some of these options don’t work for some folks suffering extreme migraines, so they have to look elsewhere, to alternative medicines and therapies. Now, there are countless options for consumers who suffer from migraines to try as their own alternative migraine relief methods. You should always consult with a medical professional before using or sticking with these treatment options, but here are five products to look into.

The Magic Gel Headache Relief Cap

If your migraines respond well to cooler temperatures or to icing, the Magic Gel Headache and Migraine Relief cap not only brings the cold to the party, but it also is properly-fitted to encircle your head and keep as much of the surface area as cool as possible. Filled with cooling gel, the headache relief cap rests on your head and applies cold evenly to help treat your migraines.

Basic Vigor’s Migrastil Migraine Stick

Essential oils are still being studied as experimental treatment options for many conditions, and Basic Vigor’s Migrastil Migraine Stick uses spearmint, lavender and peppermint to try and treat the stress from the pain, if not the actual pain itself, through aromatherapy when applied.

Prosourcefit’s Acupressure Pillow and Mat

Acupressure is a common alternative treatment for all kinds of chronic pain, and the acupressure pillow and mat set from Prosourcefit allows you to experiment with stimulation of pressure points and muscles through small points placed evenly across the mat and the pillow. This will help determine which points best reduce your overall migraine point, so you can find the perfect position the next time you find yourself suffering from a particularly bad migraine.

Wellpatch’s Migraine Cooling Patches

If you aren’t able to use the full headache relief cap, and perhaps you have one spot on your head you know responds best, using the Wellpatch Cooling Patches might be your best option for treating your migraine. They stick directly to your forehead and menthol-infused patch works right away to cool the area to which it has been applied, working on relieving the migraine pain right away.

Vick’s VapoShower Tablets

Vick’s has been in the vapor game for a long time, designed to help relieve chest congestion and all manner of other pain-causing ailments. This aromatherapy tablet is meant to be placed in the shower, where the water releases eucalyptus and menthol to open up the sinuses and relieving pressure, working on the migraine pain from the inside of your head out.


Quality of life is always at issue when it comes to migraine headaches or other such chronic pain concerns. We all deserve to life live with as little pain as possible, so exploring your options will only tell you more about what your body does and does not react to. Finding products to experiment with can be a worthy exercise, especially if you discuss these options with your doctor first.

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