Five Products to Help with Neck Pain

One in three people is affected once yearly by neck pain. Statistically, these sufferers are more likely to be women. While most neck pain tends to go away on its own after some time, neck pain can persist, and if it comes back occasionally, it helps to have a plan of attack beyond the basics – medicine and resting your neck. If those don’t quite cut it, you might try one of these products, each designed to help relieve neck pain in a different way.

The Carex Contour Cervical Pillow

This memory foam pillow is designed to improve your sleep posture, keeping your spine aligned properly as you sleep to help prevent pain from your neck remaining in the wrong position. It can also help reduce pain in other parts of the upper body. It includes a hypo-allergenic pillowcase as well, to make your resultant sleep as comfortable as possible.

Thermipaq Moist Heat Pain Relief Neck Wrap

Many wraps contain gels or are disposable, using chemicals that only have one use. This particular wrap, designed to envelop the neck to treat the affected areas with heat, uses ceramic clay beads that are intended to have deeper penetration than other similar wraps. It also uses proprietary technology to generate moist heat without dampening the pad itself.

Bed Buddy Body Wrap

The Bed Buddy Body Wrap is good for cold and heat treatment of your aching neck. It uses moist heat and is quite flexible, allowing it to form fit better to your particular neck. It is also reusable and is perfect for use if you need to alternate hot and cold therapies. The wrap is filled with natural grains that are particularly good at holding in both hot and cold.

Intensity at Home TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator

Muscle stimulating therapy (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator, or TENS) is a commonly recommended therapy for certain types of pain, though this comes at a home-use price point with high-grade results. There are no drugs involved, just electrodes that stimulate the nerves in the skin in order to help reduce your neck pain, chronic or otherwise.

DPL Flex Pad Light Therapy

Another alternative therapy to medicine is light therapy, and the DPL Flex Pad uses 60 LED lights which use infrared light to penetrate the affected area on your neck. They claim that using the pad for 20 minutes can reduce your neck pain, which makes the DPL Flex Pad worth the investment. It comes with a USB power adaptor as well, meaning it doesn’t use too much power to get the job done.


Occasional or infrequent pain is not the same as chronic pain. If you find yourself suffering from persistent, chronic neck pain, you should consult a doctor. Only a doctor will be able to help you determine the proper pain care regimen for your particular brand of chronic neck pain. They can help determine what medicines, products, and alternative therapies would be best in your situation.

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