Four Apps for Dealing with Migraines

We’ve discussed how to prevent migraines before, but if you’re finding yourself stuck with migraines and you don’t have the resources to figure out your own triggers, you might want to experiment with a migraine app. Some of these apps are designed as migraine diaries, with built-in tracking, and others are simply tracking apps. Some even have the capability of exporting your information so that you can bring it with you to your physician so that they can help design a treatment regimen for you. Here are four migraine-tracking apps to try out.

Migraine Buddy

For tracking your migraines, Migraine Buddy is a free option that is hard to beat. It is designed to help you get down all of the important information regarding each migraine attack. Having this information will eventually help you understand your symptoms better, determine your triggers and hopefully help you find ways to treat migraines. It is best for those who have migraine symptoms occurring frequently – more than once per month. It is available on Android and iPhone.

Headache Log

While it is only available on Android, Headache Log is still a great option for simple migraine tracking. You can set a timer for your headaches, in addition to the other factors, and can use it to help you determine the causes and triggers of your typical migraine attacks. There is no way to print out your information, though, so you would need to show the information (all stored locally on your phone) on your screen to your doctor to get that kind of use out of it.

Manage My Pain Pro

For $3.99, Manage My Pain Pro is available on iPhone and Android. It is designed to track any and all chronic pain, which makes it useful for migraines, but it isn’t geared specifically toward that use. You can use the app to create a report that can be provided to a doctor. There is a free version you can try out before you pay full price, as well.

N1 Headache

While N1 Headache is only available on iPhone, it is free, and is designed with migraine sufferers in mind from the get-go, using a dark mode that should be less likely to trigger anyone who is photosensitive in terms of migraines. You can track everything about your migraine with N1 Headache, and it analyzes that data to help you determine triggers and what kinds of treatments might work best for you. The app is free, and though there is a premium version for $50, it doesn’t seem to be necessary to get the most out of it.


Of course, if your migraine is too much pain to deal with, you should consult a physician. They can also tell you what to look for and how to track your migraine triggers and symptoms, and may even be able to advise you as to which app would be ideal to use in your specific situation and with your symptoms.

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