Products to Help with Abdominal Pain

You might suffer from abdominal pain for any number of reasons. Whether your pain is temporary, occasional, or chronic, you’ll want to find relief as soon as possible, lasting as long as it can. You might try medications or some alternative forms of relief that you haven’t tried before. You should consult with your doctor before using anything to treat chronic pain, or to make sure if a product is right for you, but here are some products to get you started on a road to abdominal pain relief.

Polar Products’ Abdominal Pain Relief Kit

Coming packaged with a Universal Hot and Cold Compression Wrap, an ice pack and a moist heat cervical wrap, the Abdominal Pain Relief Kit from Polar Products covers a wide range of abdominal pains and causes, including the ability to alternate heat and cold, which is often recommended to treat chronic pain. It can be used for sports injuries or even to help treat the pain that comes from arthritis.

Try a Brace or Wrap

If your pain comes from abdominal muscle strain, you might try a wrap, brace, or binder to help support your abdominal muscles while you exercise, lift or do other strenuous activities. Make sure they are put on correctly to not only ensure that your muscles are properly supported but so that you avoid further injury to your abdominal muscles.

For IBS, Try IB-Stim

Any time you are considering using a product that uses electric impulses to help alleviate pain, consult your doctor first. If you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS, IB-Stim claims to be able to treat it by sending electrical impulses into nerves located in the ear. This is intended to help relieve the pain associated with IBS by stimulating those very nerves, which they claim are connected to that area of the body.


Over-the-counter medications like Pepto-Bismol for stomach aches or Tylenol for general abdominal pain do have a long track record of taking care of various types of abdominal pain most people suffer from. You should make sure that anything you choose to take to treat your abdominal pain doesn’t conflict with any other medications you are currently taking. The last thing you want is to take medicine for one problem and cause an entirely new one.


Abdominal pain is very common, and fortunately, finding over-the-counter options is very easy. You should experiment to make sure a product actually works for your pain, and always consult with your doctor to make sure it is the right solution, especially if you’re dealing with chronic pain or other conditions that have very specific treatment requirements. For some abdominal pains, you may also discuss with your doctor potential exercise or other regimens that could strengthen muscles, should that be the cause of your pain in the first place. Abdominal pain could be serious, so be sure to take it seriously when looking for a solution from your doctor or from the pharmacy.

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