Products to Help With Groin Pain

Groin pain is a very common type of pain, especially in the cases of personal injury, such as not lifting properly. Anyone can develop a groin injury or groin pain from any number of causes, like pulled or strained muscles, hip disorders, or even hernias. While statistically men are significantly more likely to have a hernia than women are, it is still a possibility, so it doesn’t hurt to be aware of your options. Here are some groin treatment products you might look at the next time you have groin pain.

Groin Brace

Purchasing a brace for your groin pain might help with support and keeping the area slightly warm. These are not designed specifically to treat groin pain that comes from a hernia, but rather strains and other injuries that cause pain in the groin area. This brace straps to the waist and to the leg on the same side as the groin pain, and is adjustable to be the right tightness not just for fit, but for compression, keeping everything in place so that you can remain active. You should ask your doctor exactly how much activity is appropriate for your groin pain, as well.

Cold Pack Wrap

Wrapping a cold pack on the affected area can help with groin pain by reducing swelling and inflammation. It is never recommended to ice any area of your skin directly, which is why such custom-fitting packs usually keep some fabric between you and the cooling pack itself. Additionally, it is not recommended to cool any such area for more than twenty minutes at a time, so that you avoid damage to the skin tissue as you treat your groin pain.

Hernia Truss or Belt

A hernia truss or belt is designed specifically to take care of hernia pain, by keeping the affected areas in place while also allowing you freedom of movement. They are designed to only cover the hernia area, making them convenient to wear for extended periods of time. Discussing your hernia with a physician will help you determine whether or not you might need surgery or if the hernia might not advance to that level. A hernia truss or belt might be the best short-term solution for you, preventing the hernia from getting worse and from causing you additional groin pain.


If you are unsure about what kind of home treatment to use for your groin pain, depending on the injury, you should speak with a physician about your options. They can let you know what will help your situation most, help you find the right-sized products, and tell you when it might be time to try something new. They can also prescribe medicines to help reduce your pain that way. Some groin pains – like many pains that result in strains or sprains – will be affected by your movement, so ask your doctor whether more or less movement will be more beneficial to you in recovering from your particular type of groin pain.

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